Volume 30,Issue 12,2017 Table of Contents

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Empirical Study on Manufacturing Transfer and Environmental Impacts in Jing-Jin-Ji Region
  LI Linzi, FU Zeqiang, WANG Yanhua and WANG Yang
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Evaluation of the Air Pollution Control over Zhejiang Province during the G20 Summit in Hangzhou
  MAO Minjuan and HU Deyun
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Analysis of Haze Weather Process in Nanjing City in October 2015
  KANG Na, HU Kang, Kanike Raghavendra Kumar, CAO Xiaoyun and DENG Farong
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Chemical Characteristics and Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Precipitation in Nanchang City
  SUN Qibin, XIAO Hongwei, XIAO Huayun and ZHANG Zhongyi
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Source Directional Apportionment of PM2.5 in Heze City
  WANG Lu, BI Xiaohui, LIU Baoshuang, WU Jianhui, ZHANG Yufen, FENG Yinchang and ZHANG Qinxun
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Characteristics of PM2.5 Chemical Source Profiles of Coal Combustion and Industrial Process in China
  LIU Yayong, ZHANG Wenjie, BAI Zhipeng, YANG Wen, ZHAO Xueyan, HAN Bin and WANG Xinhua
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Research Advances,Defects and Countermeasures for Environmental Impact Assessment of Ecological Carrying Capacity
  FAN Xiaoshan and HE Ping
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Dynamic Characteristics and Prediction of Ecological Footprint and Carrying Capacity of Water Resources in Arid Areas of Xinjiang
  ZHANG Zhenlong, SUN Hui and SU Yang
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Downscaling MODIS Land Surface Temperatures Using Multilayer Perceptron Model
  LI Shuangcheng
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Effects of Diffuse Radiation on Estimation of Gross Primary Production of Alpine Grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau
  REN Xiaoli, HE Honglin, ZHANG Li, GE Rong, ZENG Na, LI Pan and YU Guirui
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Impact of Drought, Heat, and Their Combination on the Eco-Physiological Characteristics of Leaves and Fine Roots in Dwarf Bamboo (Indocalamus barbatus)
  LI Weicheng, SHENG Haiyan, GAO Guibin, WEN Xing and TIAN Xinli
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Mechanisms of Fracture Flow Generation and Colloid Transport in a Purple Soil Sloping Farmland
  ZHANG Wei, TANG Xiangyu and XIAN Qingsong
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CO2 Emissions from Typical Greenhouse Soils in Northern China
  TAO Baoxian
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Numerical Simulation of Flue Gas Emissions from Coal-fired Power Plants Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Method
  YANG Guangjun, DING Li and GUO Zhaobing
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Establishment and Application of Odor Pollution Source Fingerprint
  WANG Gen, ZHAI Zengxiu, HAN Meng, JING Boyu, LU Fulei and MENG Jie
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Effects of Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Parameters on Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Engines
  XU Guangju, ZHAO Yang, LI Mingdi, CHEN Qingzhang and LI Guanghua
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Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B by Fe2O3/TiO2 Coated Expanded Perlite
  ZHOU Yanxia, GAN Xiaorong, XUE Hongbo, HAN Shuwen, HOU Jianhua, FENG Ke and WANG Xiaozhi
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Exploratory Research on Industrial Life Cycle Assessment Illustrated by Case Study of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cell Industry
  XIE Minghui, BAI Lu, RUN Jiuli, QIAO Qi and JIANG Leyong
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Characteristics of VOCs in Typical Iron and Steel Industry and Estimation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation Potential
  SHENG Tao, GAO Song, DUAN Yusen, OUYANG Jingjing, CUI Huxiong, FU Qingyan and LU Wenxi
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