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19980111 Study on the Progress of Membrane Bioreactor Technology for Wastewater Treatment HUANG Xia,GUI Ping,FAN Xiao-jun,WANG Cheng-wen and QIAN Yi 1998,11(1):40-44 7355
20091214 Influence of Wastewater from a High Arsenic Coal Mine on Quality of Epikarst Water SUN Jing,WU Pan,HAN Zhi-wei,ZHANG Chi-peng and LIU Hong 2009,22(12):1440-1444 5258
20000101 Research on Corrent Pollution Sataus and Pollution Characteristics of PM2.5in China WANG Wei,TANG Da-gang,LIU Hong-jie,YUE Xin,PAN Zhi and DING Yan 2000,13(1):1-5 4776
20010601 Cleaner Production,Eco-industry and Circular Economy DUAN Ning 2001,14(6):1-4 4677
20130701 Analysis on the Meteorological Condition and Formation Mechanism of Serious Pollution in South Hebei Province in January 2013 WANG Cong-mei,YANG Yong-sheng,LI Yong-zhan and FAN Yin-qi 2013,26(7):695-702 4640
20100111 Study on the Variation Trends of Regional Environmental Risk for Tianjin  Binhai New Area Based on DPSIR Model SUN Xiao-rong and SHAO Chao-feng 2010,23(1):68-73 4131
20150401 Technology Research and Engineering Applications of Near-Zero Air Pollutant Emission Coal-Fired Power Plants WANG Shumin, SONG Chang, CHEN Yinbiao and SUN Ping 2015,28(4):487-494 4040
20150801 Rural Household Coal Use Survey, Emission Estimation and Policy Implications ZHI Guorui, YANG Junchao, ZHANG Tao, GUAN Jian, DU Jinhong, XUE Zhigang and MENG Fan 2015,28(8):1179-1185 3837
20130512 Simulation of Land Use Change and Temporal-Spatial Heterogeneity of Eco-Risk in Urban Fringe TIAN Yi-chao,LIANG Ming-zhong and REN Zhi-yuan 2013,26(5):540-548 3751
20000310 A Preliminary Study on Assessment Indicator System of Provincial Eccr Environmental Quality in China YE Ya-ping and LIU Lu-jun 2000,13(3):33-36 3749
20150101 Potential Economy and Environment Impacts of China's National Air Pollution Control Action Plan ZHANG Wei, WANG Jinnan, JIANG Hongqiang, LEI Yu and BI Jun 2015,28(1):1-7 3693
20130601 Comparative Study on Pollution Characteristics and Source Apportionment of PM10 and PM2.5 in Qingdao WU Hong,ZHANG Cai-yan,WANG Jing,XUAN Zhao-fei,CHU Cui-juan,FENG Yin-chang and XU Hong 2013,26(6):583-589 3573
20120604 Relationships among Relative Humidity, PM10 Concentration and Atmospheric Visibility in Shanghai GONG Shi yi and FENG Jia liang 2012,25(6):628-632 3417
20000213 Assessment for Ecological Carrying Capacity of Heihe River Basin WANG Jie-ji,YAO Xiao-hong,LI Jing-rong,CHANG Hong and WANG Yuan-gao 2000,13(2):44-48 3358
20131201 Sensitivity Experiments on the Effect of Terrain on Radioactive Particles Dispersion from the Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant LIANG Zhi-chao,FEI Jian-fang,CHENG Xiao-ping,HUANG Xiao-gang and WANG Peng-fei 2013,26(12):1259-1267 3233
20120516 Characteristics of Runoff from Different Material Roofs in Chongqing Urban Area 张千千,王效科,郝丽岭,侯培强,欧阳志云 2012,25(5):579-586 3224
20150901 Composition, Size Distribution and Sources of Saccharides in Atmospheric Particles in Shanghai DU Yan, ZHONG Mian, XU Binhua, HU Junchao, SUN Wenwen and FENG Jialiang 2015,28(9):1337-1344 3195
19970404 Study on the Application of Artificial Wet land in Agriculture Non Point Source Pollution LIU Wenxiang 1997,10(4):15-19 3132
20141011 Levels, Source Identification and Contamination Characteristics of PAHs in Soils from Xigu District in Lanzhou, Northwestern China JIANG Yu-feng,HU Xue-fei,WANG Bei-lei,ZHAN Hui-ying and UWAMUNGU Jean Yves 2014,27(10):1164-1171 3098
20130405 Sediment Particle Size and the Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Typical Districts of Dianchi Lake ZHANG Yuan,SHI Tao-ran,YU Tao and ZHANG Yan 2013,26(4):370-379 3036